Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Double double toil and trouble

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Ooo wee look what landed in our local market to help us celebrate: fiddlehead ferns!
I will be the first to admit they are not the most appetizing vegetable but if you have never eaten this early spring treat, you are really missing out.  It is hard to describe the flavor of a fiddlehead fern but I think of them as a cross between asparagus and brussel sprouts, with a little bit of extra kick. The flavor is really delicious and I'm always interested in expanding our veggie roster, especially in this long-haul of winter that never seems to end. It is the little things! Happy spring :-) xN

Note that these have to be cooked properly, boiled for at least 10 minutes to prevent possible nausea and that you shouldn't eat these ferns if you are pregnant or nursing. 

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