Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh Jealousy

What a beautiful weekend we had! I supposed I can forgive a touch of rain today but it has made me nostalgic for the spring-like days we've been teased with lately. We spent much of the weekend outside, entertaining, laughing, eating, enjoying life, ok, mostly eating. We had ridiculously good Oyster po'bos at the Mermaid Inn Oyster Bar, alongside sawdust-like hush puppies and way-too-sandy steamers. Can't win them all I guess. The dogs also enjoyed the beautiful weather!
For full disclosure, although we did take them to the park a few times this weekend, I have to admit this pic is actually a few weeks old, before the grass was showered with green and the sun felt warm. It was ALSO before we washed the dogs last week, so I wish I could say that Oscar's soul patch was a nice bright white again, but alas. His soul (patch) is still aglo. Love that expression though! And before any of you write in, yes, he did get to play with the stick too.

I slacked on posting last week so I'll be trying to catch up this week with posts of artichoke pizza, swiss chard calzones, cockels and linguine, and Potato, beet, and wild mushroom casserole. Mmm is it time for lunch yet? Happy Monday! xN

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