Sunday, March 14, 2010


One of our favorite restaurants in the city is not in the city proper, but across the way in Brooklyn. We've been there for dinner a bunch and most recently we went for brunch, where we picked up a copy of "Diner Journal," a seasonal magazine that provides recipes, stories, and a printed forum for foodies. Nick spotted a recipe for pickeling and I jumped when I saw a special on these shortie cucumbers, which seemed downright snackable.
McCormick's makes a "pickeling" spice which we used for this batch, but I think it is still a little on the too sweet side. The cinnamon is a tad too strong so I'm not including the recipe because you may be able to find better. Regardless, we really enjoyed it with crisp veggie sandwhiches.
The taste and color both make this a really rewarding little snack. I think we'd make these again for house guests to munch on while playing board games. Overall the process was fun so I hope to try pickeling more veggies soon! What would you want to pickel? Cauliflower? Carrots? Exciting signs of spring.  xN

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