Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Soup a l'oignon

Whoo boy this was quite a recipe. I decided to make it on a night when Nick was out and thank the lord I did because we would have been eating at 10pm if I hadn't! I ended up snacking on pita and hummus while I made this and just decided to call it a night once the soup was finished. But we had it the next night... and oh my was it delicious! Again, I was astounded by the simplicity of the ingredients: Onions, stock*, a touch of flour, sugar, and salt and you're finished.
Well you're finished after the onions caramelize of course.

And caramelize.

And caramelize some more.

And more... For three separate periods of 30-40 minutes, the onions sautee softly in their own juices, something that beings to resemble milk. Nick protested that I must have added some kind of cream, but I promise, nothing but natural in this here soup. The recipe called for 5 cups of onions and I used 6 but I think you would have been happier with 7 even. We also skipped the cognac becuase I couldn't find a shooter and did not want to pay $40 for a bottle to gather dust but I would suck it up next time because the soup was a little thick and I think it would have added depth to the flavor, while thinning it out. I also toasted some grated parm on whole wheat pita's instead of the 40 minute-baked cheese toasts the recipe called for, for a quick and healthier alternative. We're supposed to get a ton of rain this weekend so stock up on onions! xN

*I did not want to use beef stock so I substituted with this non-chicken stock I found at a health store. I think you could have also used mushroom stock for an equally nice flavor but I really enjoyed this and would use this again, especially since the color darkened as I hoped it would.

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