Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beau pantalon

I'm currently reading a biography of Picasso and one of his "women" and la France has been on my mind even more than usual lately. Giving in to the Parisian Persuasion, I've donned my favorite necklace which says "En mon coeur, la vie seule est mon trésor"" in this really rough sans-serif font that reminds me of early type-writer letters. ("In my heart, life alone is the treasure," for you anglicans). French + Pretty font = Love. 

I saw the necklace in a boutique in the meatpacking distract and by the time I had saved enough to purchase it, it had already been sold. Mais non! So I tracked down the jeweler in Paris with the help of the boutique and sent him my sweetest pretty-please en francais and the rest is history. I LOVE this necklace.

 (Btw, the boutique also sold these amazing gold clutches that were silkscreened in this delicate hunter-green cursive lettering:  "What are you bitches looking at". A little trendy, yes, but I love the contrast between the UES gold and downtown silkscreen and have been dying to reproduce it since... which is a reminder to scope out some gold clutches at the Brooklyn flea if we ever make it before the earth thaws.)

Anyway, I was feeling on the French side of the world this morning and wore these pants which I normally reserve for the warmer months. They are a thin cotton and you actually step in to them kind of like a... a diaper. 
Which sounds creepy and is incredibly annoying when you have to use the restroom but the visual effect of the massive amounts of draping fabric is pretty and all day long I will surely walk around as if I was a ballerina. Coulda, shoulda, woulda but at least it is a nice reminder to have some grace in my movement. I am also wearing American Apparel leggings for warmth under them. To balance the weight, I wanted a slim top. I hope I didn't cross too far into "character" dressing though. I was definitely comfortable!
Necklace is Corpus Christi (Paris!), pants are from a group of gypsys that sold random clothes at my small liberal arts college once a year (long story), cuff is a gift from my mom, shoes are Gap, scarf is Burberry (gift) that I ended up wearing for a good part of the day and top is random $5 purchase from TJ or Marshalls or something because I am a sucker for deals. Especially in blue. xN


  1. Love this, esp. the story about the necklace. I also love the red snapper dish below...where´d you get the recipe??

  2. Nick is holding this secret hostage for dear life! What I can tell you is that it is jalapeno, red onion, strawberries, avacado, cilantro, S&P and red pepper flakes...eek I think that's it!