Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I adore music. Usually acoustic, often a cappella, anything I can sing too, I love it all. Which naturally means that Glee and American Idol are my favorite shows on TV and that I turn Incredible Hulk when I can't watch gape mouthed at all of the cheesy, musically fantastic glory that is my programming. Do. Not. Try. To. Change. The. Channel. Please. That said, I usually fast-forward through the painfully terrible Idols... it is only the good, goose bump generating singers that hold my attention. My favs on Idol so far are Didi, pasty white-haired girl from Colorado (especially her style) and dude with glasses... don't remember his name but we have Idol DVR'ed for later tonight or tomorrow so I'll update later. Music makes me SO happy.

I heard Jason Mraz's version of Dylan's A Hard Rain this morning (thanks Pandora!) and practically wore out the replay button of Youtube. A little dark but I miss music that means something. Music that increased social consciousness, fraternity, peace and love and another free concert just for the sake of art. Night all, xN

P.S. Pic is from Multnomah Falls outside of Portland. Such a beautiful part of our country!!


  1. Oh, how excited I was to see my gorge represented on my favorite bff's blog! Not so excited to hear how obsessed you are with American Idol, but we're not all perfect now are we. I miss you and will forever live in the cobweb memories of listening to Dylan and Led Zeppelin in the Sun Pigeon - windows rolled down, ciggies ashing on the seats!

  2. DONT HATE ON ME. It is a serious problem! Even if my little
    troll-doll-with glasses disappointed last night :-( Beautifully put,
    and I could not agree more. Toes dangling out driver-side windows...
    ahh to be young and reckless again. Great memories C! xo