Thursday, February 25, 2010


It was beyond painful to leave the comfort of our cozy apartment today. This weather is absolutely gross: no real snow, and not quite rain, just SLUDGE! Which reminds me that I am in need of some new bad-weather boots. I'd like something that can carry me into spring and is not limited to snow so here are the beauties I've been considering:

From top left (green): Aigle at JCrew $138; Pink Burberry $195; Hunter Lady N in Beige, Olive, or Brown $140; Jeffrey Campbell Vee Boot $55; Kamik Women's Ellie $70; Caramel colored Kamik Women's Zoey $80; Ovation Derby $54; Necro Tweed Hunter $110; Canadian pride Rockport $120; Too-cool for school Tretorn Glad $60; Tall Tretorn Plask $76; Tretorn Plask Mid $66

I first saw the tall Tretorn's in a Madison Avenue storefront 2 years ago where they were selling for $150. Nice to know there are such great deals online! I was never in love with the gum-colored heel so I might be over them even if I do like the idea of some height. I also like the black Ovations on the bottom row which are true water-proof equestrian boots and look like they have a skinny shaft. I would never in a million years buy the Rockports with red leafs unless I lived in Vancouver (ah to dream!) but I think they are great and would love to see them on someone else. I love the pink Burrberry but would never pay that much, even if they would match my raincoat that is the same color. I am leaning toward the Beige Hunters in the top row because they'd be quality boots without having to shout that they are Hunters... which is what every woman in NYC wears. I think that comforts some people but I never like to fit-in. Obviously, ha!

Anyway, I need help people. I am as indecisive as ever so hit me up with your votes! It is not like any of you ACTUALLY want to be working right now. xN

P.S.: Where I was presented with a price ending in ninety-five cents, I rounded up. I'm not fooled by that sneaky advertisement. Let's call a spade a spade, especially without even considering tax and shipping.
P.P.S: Have any of you ever shopped at "6pm"? The Tretorns there were cheaper by far than any other site plus they have major sales on everything... Like these amazing Stuart Weitzman gold flats for less than $40. I think I'm in love.


  1. i have tretorn books and absolutely LOVE them. they are cute, totally waterproof, your jeans can tuck into the top...i just adore them!!!

  2. Nia also has Tretorn boots that I borrow all the time for walking the dog in the rain ... easy on/off at 6am for dog walking is a major bonus. Hoooowever, if I were on the market for boots (and they had them in my size, and my giant calves fit in them ...) I like the Kamik Ellie's myself. But not for you. For you, my friend, I vote for ... either the Black Ovations (which was my initial pick) or the Beige Hunters, which make me nervous because they could get dingy. Smooches.

  3. OOh thank you thank you ladies. Those are actually the three frontrunners, in addition to the tall Tretorns if I can find them in black. We're cleaning out the closets this weekend so perhaps I can be sneaky and make room for more than 1 pair... muah hah hhhhhhhaaaaaa.