Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The moment I wake up

I awoke this morning absolutely flabberghasted as to why my alarm went off today. Does that ever happen to you? I kept looking at it incredulously wondering, where could this little sound be coming from and why when I press snooze does it not subsist. What does it want from me?! 

Despite the slow start, thanks to my unofficial title as the all-time biggest chick-flick sucker, I've managed to channel a bit of Cameron Diaz in "My Best Friend's Wedding." Absolutely brilliant and by far the best scene of this movie. Finally feeling 100% healthy again, I am a little bundle of sunshiney brightness this morning much like Miss Diaz's character. That was before I saw the pictures! Confession: we don't actually own a full-length mirror and haven't for the 2+ years we have lived here. It's not usually a problem. We are opinionated... and are happy expressing our opinions pretty much always. Somehow despite the lack of a mirror I always thought I pulled it together pretty well. Lies! Exhibit 1, my first attempt at dressing today:
No those are not silver tights, those are my pale pasty Irish legs screaming to the world through Navy tights which are much shearer than they looked en forme. Also this skirt... It is vintage and I love it, particularly the right-hand pocket and the stiff pleats but I had no idea how much shorter it makes me appear. In my mind, it went hits just above the knee and is a classy but modern take on a pleated skirt. In reality I look like a child in my mom's nun cloak. Now I've got a hemming project lined up for the weekend. With 10 minutes to spare before I had to leave for work, I half heartedly changed into this:
I initially put these navy and white patterned leggings on under the skirt to resolve the translucence issue but felt a resounding "definitely not" before even attempting a picture. They are jean-looking leggings and I feel naked wearing them alone but that's what I've done today. I will surely slink around the office the entire day, as the sweater shirt combo does not quite cover my bits. The shirt is Club Monaco (gift) and sweater is ancient Banana Republic (another gift) that has faded three shades of yellow but with which I can't seem to part. Look at the scalloped detail! Mother of pearl buttons!
In the end I feel like I ended up with a bit of a fashion mullet with business on top and party on the bottom but at least I feel pretty from waist up. And when the cleaning woman came into my office this morning to say "Good morning Lady!" I could reciprocate honestly. A bright sunshiney day to you all! xN

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