Monday, February 15, 2010

Red Curry Tofu

Once upon a time I studied abroad in France and my host family fed me the most incredibly delicious food: tête de veau, boudain noir, tower of seafood, boullibase, truffles galore, the list goes on and on... I gained a strong appreciation of French cuisine, but also had more than my fill of meat and returned to the US decidedly pescatarian.

Eight years later, I rarely miss meat and relish the challenge of cooking creative and tasteful meals that are usually vegetarian, though often include seafood. Thankfully, Nick also enjoys eating these foods and has never once balked at non-meat based meals since our co-habitation began 2 years ago. He revisited the red curry rice, this time with peppers, mushrooms, and soft tofu.

The Tofu blends with the rice well so you get more protein and though it doesn't add much by way of flavor, it also doesn't detract from it. The result was delicious! We sprinkled a little cilantro over top for an extra splash of color. Nothing like adding color to your winter routine. Happy eating! xN

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