Sunday, February 14, 2010

Who whoo loves you

Ok that header is a little cheesy but seriously, check out this adorable Valentine I received from my BFF in Portland over the weekend. Better yet, she called while I was opening it! Such a special moment to share with someone so far away.
The owl and hearts are letterpressed in a soft gray and warm red and she wrote a very special quote that feels extremely fitting to me in this stage in my life... of course I forgot to bring the card to work today to transcribe here*. I also received a beautiful Valentine from my Valentine but I of course forgot to take a picture of it in the excitement, check back for updates on both later tonight**! Hope you were loving love this weekend too! xN

Here is the quote, now updated:
My life is a green pasture, bordered by a wooden fence. Each section represents one of my fears. These fears circumscribe my existence. I regularly visit the perimeter, testing my limits. Each fear that I accept makes my world a bit smaller. Once in awhile, I gather my strength, jump the rails, and run free into a land that beckons me. These are the times I feel most alive. - author and activist Thalia  Zepatos

**Picture of our Valentine's altar :-)


  1. What a perfect quote...I feel like it is applicable to my current situation, as well. Thanks for sharing, Niki. I hope Caryn is well!

    Oh, and in reference to your other post, I miss (and I think sometimes dream about) those amazing meals at your house in France...really, I don´t think I´ll ever forget them...

  2. I know, itn't it great! I'll let her know you said hi :-) xN