Friday, February 26, 2010

Sunny side snow day

This morning we woke up to this!!!
No, I'm not reacting to the beauty of the bizarro-us's better porch, pattina'ed bay windows and garland across the street (for that is a bitter tale of jealousy best left for another time!), rather, the bountiful snow!!!!!! Mounds and mounds people! NY1 said Central Park had 17 inches as of 8:30am and they are predicting another 18 inches by the end of tomorrow. What a treat, especially for a Friday!

What started as tiny iceballs pelting our faces has turned into gorgeous swirls of bigfatflakes- my favorite kind:-)
Look at the mounds of icy snow from wind, like Tim Burton-sculpted dunes! So fun. The dogs practically disappeared under it all and Oscar was one huge snowball when we got back into the apartement. It was like he was leaking...everywhere... so much for those baths we had planned for them this weekend! The best part of it all is working up an appetite for something warm and tasty.
Sorry forthe blurr! I had to scramble because hungry people don't like to mess with sturdying the camera when there are good eggs to be eaten. You understand. Happy Friday! xN

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