Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Sunday

Me: Why is the floor so sticky?
Nick: You just got juice, did you spill it?
Me: Oh. Yes... oops

M: Crap, I just got glass in my foot!
N: Oh no! Did you break a glass recently?
M: Oh. Yes... oops.

You get the point. If you have a very special vintage pair of drinking glasses, I will probably break at least one (sorry Jess!) or if anything is droppable or tearable or basically fragile in any way, don't let me near it. I'm not exactly clumsy, just not exactly careful. Sigh. So when Nick suggested that we fry calamari for our super bowl dinner I was less than enthusiastic. The idea of attempting to maneuver successfully around a large vat of oil was beyond frightening. Which is why he did most of the work. I eventually started getting the hang of it and by the end was frying and fishing the little buddies out on my own. It was surprisingly fun... and delicious! We barely had half left by the time they made them to the table. 
Just a bit of flour, then dredge them in a mix of more flour, water, paprika and parsley, and then the oil!
Another dash of parsley, cayenne, and salt and we were in business!  I successfully cleaned up and plated everything with no spills nor injuries! Proudly digging my fork into the victory pile, anxious to take the first bite... it happened. My fuzzy pink Angora/woolish sweater brushed the top of the calamari pile and when I pulled the fork away, I was horrified to see an enormous squid ring dangling from the edge of the sweater, holding on for dear life. I had gotten so far! Without skipping a beat, Nick plucked the calamari off my sweater and popped it into his happy little mouth before I could even muster an "I'm sorry my grubby sweater brushed into our super-bowl food" face. I love him :-) 

Oh yeah, and we watched some football. The Saints won, I'm glad. Seems like a good thing for New Orleans right now. Also: Drew Brees's baby is beyond adorable. His cuteness was not on the menu, but we had some really fresh King Crab legs and guacamole to top it all off. 
Look at those colors! Yes, we love us some seafood in this house! The meal was really delicious and a very special way to celebrate the super bowl. Could I have done without waking up feeling like I was in McDonald's because of the lingering oil smell? Yes. Small price to pay I guess! Bonne Fête :-) xN

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