Friday, February 5, 2010

Wrap me up in your love

Happy Friday! Even though this was a short week for me, it definitely could not end soon enough. I have an important meeting outside of the office this morning which always makes me happy. Actually, I'm usually happiest on Fridays because of the promise of the weekend! All that time to idle away wistfully. Love it. I digress. We're expecting a huge storm this afternoon so I wanted to wear something warm that can stand the wet elements of the city. Enter the wrap:
 This sweater is one I found in a boutique when doing some holiday shopping for my sister. I'd been in need of a longer and possibly less structured cardigan to wear with skirts and dresses and at $29, this fit the bill. I love that you can wrap and tie around your back or let it hang gracefully.
The sweater is a comfortable black cotton which means it goes with basically anything and at this point, the cost per wear over the past 1.5 months is probably down to about $2, maybe even less. I wish I purchased 10 more like it!
Staying with the theme of Friday-comfort, I paired it with a ridiculous wool sweater skirt by "Joseph," a gift of a friend who moved to warmer climates where her buns would no longer need the care of such an item. The skirt and tights are one of my favorite colors that falls between khaki green and heather gray and these pictures confirm that they match, despite second-guessing the decision every time I make this pairing. Did I tell you the skirt has pockets?!! Every girl about town needs a sweater-skirt with pockets. I don't know who this Joseph is, but I implore you to hunt him down!
And then there's the shoes... I have to walk quite far in my commute to work which means I usually wear a pair of beat up Merrlls. I am not proud of it, and I do feel slightly like Corky from Life Goes On every time I slip into them, but they are SO comfortable and the weatherman is calling for snow!!! Upgrading my "walking" shoes is on my list of to-do's so I'm open to suggestions. Anywho, as I was saying, the shoes. They were a beloved purchase at PA outlets with my mom over two years ago and yikes judging by this picture they are beat to barely-black! I wound up wearing my flat black Timberlands (alas no longer made by one of my favorite purchases ever, approximately 5 years ago and never re-healed... and I WEAR these boots!) Also beat according to this series is my hairstyle. I'm hoping to update the haircut this weekend. Check back soon! xN

P.S. This is our first attempt at fashion photography... the lighting is ok but we're working on focus. It also seems like the photos lose some sharpness when edited in photoshop so I may stick with Iphoto but let me know your suggestions where applicable!

P.P.S. The necklace is a long string of gorgeous turquoise blocks from Etsy, gifted by one of my loveliest lady friends for being a bridesmaid in her wedding. The picture does not do it justice but here is a glance!

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