Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Qualifications: Experience with gluestick

Today I added yet another skill to the ever-expanding resume desired by every late-twenty-something in the city. It all began with, you guessed it, one of those mornings. I made it to work a few minutes early only to discover I'd sprung a 7" run in my stockings on the walk there. I thought, it's ok because my extremely important meeting is not until noon and I can walk a few blocks away to get new stockings and still finish prepping for said meeting. Oh? Printer out of ink? It's ok, I'll use one from our inventory. Oh? Inventory was not replenished? I'll find a different printer. Ok an hour to go... Oh? The VIP is an hour early and will be down in ten minutes? Awesome.

The obvious solution here is just to take them off, right? Seems logical but it is 34 degrees out and a scant 40 degrees inside and I already have my spaceheater going full blast. I could also go across the street to the vastly overpriced specialty stocking store and pay $30 for a pair or... hold on! In a moment of brillance I yanked the toe of my stockings down as far as it could possibly go, creating a 7" bunch at the toe and moved the run to end just beneath the heel of my shoe. I grabbed my gluestick and with the vigor of a child in pre-school applied liberally to the top of the run. Success.

In said meeting, the VIP was barely coherent (drugs? old age?). Either way all I could think was: Thank god I didn't spend $30 on new stockings for this meeting. The beauty is that at the end of the day I was using the gluestick again for mock-ups for my actual job. Learning experience people!

Which is a long way of saying, I wanted to make an easy dinner and this Kale and Corona Bean recipe from Heidi at 101 Cookbooks really did the trick. I find food prep so soothing and there is nothing better than hand tearing your frustration away through leafy greens.
I could only find canned butter beans so they didn't exactly crisp up but I really enjoyed this.
Very interesting notes in here. Oh and I used pecans instead of walnuts because that is what I had and though I usually try to avoid weird substitutions like that, I don't think it made a difference.  Hope you are all having a nice week. xN

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