Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bed Head

Once upon a time I had very long hair. It was thick and straight and easily pulled into a pony tail. I was young and naive and cut it short in a moment of "liberation" and while I enjoyed it short, it just always felt a little too "cutesy" and not serious enough.

Not that I am very serious very often, but I don't like to be pigeonholed. So I've begun to grow it long again. After about 20 months, it has grown "out" but not exactly "long". I tried straightening it, but my layers look choppy. Curling it leaves the roots limp and the ends damaged. I want that thick, beautiful, effortlessly wavy hair. Well... I think I have found the answer!
My younger brother's girlfriend is a stylist and gave me this Bed Head "Superstar Shamp/ Cond for thick massive hair" for Christmas and I have been using the heck out of this stuff since then. It is sulfate-free which is better for your head and... I swear on my life... it smells like sweet little Strawberry Shortcake is hanging out on my shoulder all day. Did any of you have that doll? She had pretty red hair and strawberry adorned gear and smelled like fruity heaven. I don't how how they have managed to duplicate that smell but MY GOD IT IS AMAZING. (It probably also smells like real strawberry shortcake, but not one that I have ever made. That is a biscuit gone wrong story for another time).

Smell alone, I would adore these products. BUT WAIT, there is more. I read someplace recently (Body and Soul mag maybe?) that the actual act of washing your hair is not enough because the product just sits on your head. You have to actually scrub your scalp with your nails, thoroughly like they do in salons. Get rid of the product and dead cells and city grime and just everything. WTF people?! Why did I never know this? Did all of you??? It takes a few extra minutes in the shower to get deep down under all of this hair but it also feels like I am really pampering myself. And who doesn't want to feel pampered on a cold winter morning when every gray day looks like the next. Regardless of whether I shampoo daily or every other day, I now have salon-fresh hair. I always thought it was becuase they had fancy products but really, it is just a matter of cleaning your scalp. I LOVE Body and Soul magazine for exactly this reason. Facts and tips on health, beauty, and cooking that I actually use. Swoon. xN

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