Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spinach Quiche and a Harrowing Tale of Bravery, eek!

Tonight I endeavored to make made Deb's Spinach Quiche and a bit of Israeli salad to cut the dairy.
You should know that I will probably struggle with the guilt of not making my own crust for weeks. Don't judge me. Focus on the food... mmm... food,
Quiche in the oven, I was wham, bam ready to serve a great balanced meal to our family of two. Nick called to say he might have to work late, and he'd know in a minute if it was going to be a ten minute meeting or an all night meeting. This quiche was smelling SO good and was just about finished, so I was thinking, aw but also more quiche for me

Until Oscar started barfing. Sorry, if you're squeamish, but we've all been there and it's really more like mostly-dry heaving so I've become immune, especially because it is just another tactic he uses to get more food. Sneaky little bugger.

So, Oscar is barfing (again, sorry), and I bring him into the bathroom lest Tank get any ideas about inspecting said barf, and because all dogs deserve to handle their business in private. Quickly pulling the door shut, we're finished and cleaned up in about five minutes. As I said, this happens often.

Just as I turn to leave, I remember that our doorknob freakishly broke yesterday, and locked us in a few times. Now only able to be opened from outside, we had joked that it would suck if we got locked in when one of us was home alone.

Turns out it REALLY sucks to be locked in alone with a quiche in a 425 degree oven going on the 19th minute of its prescribed 25 minute baking time. Turns out that turning the knob really hard and cursing doesn't unlock a door after all. Nor does aggressive tugging, unscrewing strategic but apparently useless screws, kicking said knob, or even more tugging. After about 45 minutes, with the "all nighter" option flashing in my head and one scared dog scratching at the other side of the door as the scent of smoke reached my nose, I decided I had no other option.
I had to save my life! My dogs' lives! Right? What would you have done?

The beautiful, hilarious, sweet irony of life is that the minute I burst through the second panel of my door, I heard Nick's keys in our apartment door. Not only that, but I did not entirely thaw the spinach before baking it, and it needed extra time in the oven anyway! I burnt the crust (which is delightfully obscured in this image!), but if it is not home made, it doesn't matter much, as I'm out about $3, and not hours of my time making it.
I am already looking forward to leftovers tomorrow! A note that I used extra sharp cheddar because the flavor goes a long way, a bit of aged gouda that is also very flavorful, and shredded parm in this version, hence the bright cheeses. I will absolutely make this again... without the extra activities. Is it Friday yet?! xN


  1. Hahahahahaha. Dying at work right now.

  2. OMG...too funny (although I´m sure it wasn´t so much so at the time).

  3. You guys, it was terrifying. I was like what would MacGyver do? I used beard timmer scissors to get a hole started and then the towel bar to pound a larger hole. I have to admit that when I called our landlord today and was describing why we needed a new door/ knob I felt like a total idiot... She gave me one of those "Okkkaaaaayy..."'s that made me cringe in embarrasment. haha

  4. it is just totally something i would do. i would have been in a total panic, probably would have tried to kick the door down :) i <3 niki, and stories like this one just make me miss you even more!

  5. hey ... this israeli salad looked so good it stuck in my brain. nia and i went to a local farm and bought awesome tomatoes and cucumbers and i want to take a stab at this tomorrow. tips, please!