Thursday, April 1, 2010

Barefoot and pregnant

Today started cool and damp but by the end of the day the sun was out in full force and it was such a tremendous RELIEF after this wet weather. I am the first person to sing the praises of rainy days, but when it comes to the whole "practicality" issue as I'm walking the dogs, or trying to keep the floors clean after dirty dogs come back inside, or running to catch a bus on the way to work, or trying to dry out once I'm at work, especially after battling the winter sludge for months... sometimes I'd just like some dry side walks thankyouverymuch.

I recently discovered Orchid Grey's style blog and while day dreaming about the flirty skirts growing restless in my closet, I came to a sharp halt at this photo.

LOVE. The sun, her hair (if you look at a few of her other posts, you will see that this stylish lady has seriously amazing hair. Consider me inspired.), the tangibility of the whole season... Suddenly I was transported to a clambake on the beach in Maine, barefoot next to my favorite friends, family, and some buckets of beer. Heaven.
I also couldn't help thinking of my mom when I saw this as well! This photo is from a little later in her life but my older bother was born in '75 and I am sure she had this very look, photo, feeling, once upon a time when she was barefoot and pregnant.  xN

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