Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Heya. Enjoying my coffee this morning I stumbled down the rabbit hole of the internet, hopping from page to page... and I came across the Secret Society for Creative Philanthropy. Amazing idea! To incite creativity in friends, family, strangers daily is such a dream of mine. It a serendipitous find just a week shy of my 29th bday, wondering about my next step in life. Check out this video where people were paid $1 to talk to a stranger. 

100 Dollars 50 Conversations from MendeDesign on Vimeo.

I have the conversation repeatedly with my family about how NY is the most amazing city, but the bustle often makes it feel lonely. I don't know if the feeling of no community is self-imposed or real but I personally don't have as strong of a connection with my "community" as I would like. I read an amazing article not long about (NYT maybe? I'll try to find it...) that said that people who are living the longest are those with the most connections. Note that it is not the BEST/ TIGHTEST, but most. With how many people do you interact on a daily basis? Interesting things to think about SSCP. You've officially caught my attention.

Read more on the SSCP in the NYT here. Happy Wednesday. xN

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  1. love this...I´ll give you a call on Sunday! xoxo