Monday, April 19, 2010

She came along

Hello world! So... if you haven't been able to tell, it's been busy. Very busy. Work 5 hours every night and then 10 hours on the weekend kind of busy. There's a lesson and/or reward in here somewhere, even if it is not in my wallet. Le sigh.

Anyway, I try hard not to keep this a vent-free zone so, on to the good stuff. I came home to night to see my wonderfully miraculously intuitive boyfriend making the most delicious dinner. His by-now famous Tomatillo salsa with veggie tacos... whoo boy it was good. I picked up some Pacifico on the way home and as soon as I opened our apartment door and that jalapeno/garlic/mushroomy goodness hit my nose, it all made sense.
The boy genius never uses a recipe but from what I could get out of him, there is chipotle spice in the mushroom, garlic, and spinach saute, and garlic, tomatillo, jalapeno, probably other secrets in the salsa, which gets pureed before lightly cooked.

Ah so delicious. And not a speck of cheese in sight... !! To top it off, some new great tunes:

This one is mostly about the base. Great stuff. Hope your week is off to a good start as well! xN

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