Monday, April 12, 2010

Petite dejeuner

The glorious weather we had this weekend meant that my mom and I spent hours and hours outside, racing from one fun activity to the next. We saw "Red" on Broadway which I highly recommend; intense but thought-provoking in a good way. It made me respect Rothko a bit more. Oh and the tickets were free through work; not too shabby!

Anywho, before that, we made time to relax a bit in the morning and enjoy the weather and ambiance at my favorite pastry shop where the treats are as authentic as they come. Take my standard order: Russian coffee (Espresso, hot chocolate, and whipped cream) with Baklava
Oooooh I want it all over again. It was painful to wakeup to what felt like a distant memory this morning. Sunshine illuminating dessert for breakfast= heaven. We were in a divine neighborhood actually. Check out the gorgeous church across the street
St. John's is the largest cathedral in the world. The WORLD people. If you look at the bottom left, you'll see the tiny specs of admirers.

Anyway, thoroughly exhausted and saddled with hours of "home"work to tackle tonight but still buzzing from such a nice weekend. Hope you enjoyed yours as well! xN


  1. How lovely is this! It really looks like you could have been in France this weekend. Next time I'm in town, you must take me there! Plus, I've never heard of this cathedral and would love to see it. Hope you and your Mama had a great weekend together :)

    Let's definitely chat soon...maybe sometime this weekend? I want to hear more about your upcoming European adventure!! xoxoxo

  2. Yes to all! I'm basically in hell-o until mid-May so weekends are best to catch me though I might try to sneak a call before then. Hope all is well? When are you visiting?!