Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Almond Horns

Last night's post reminded me that I have been keeping our Easter treats from you!

We had a friend over and stuffed ourselves silly. I retried my quiche to great success, and Nick made a little cornish hen for he and our guest.

I had been dying to make the soft and chewy almond horns with a slightly crispy edge that I've enjoyed at the bakery I mentioned last night but could not find a recipe that came even close when I went online! This is what I ended up with
They were OK. I froze half the batter to mull it over and this weekend decided the almonds needed to be toasted first and I added more almond extract. Definitely an improvement but they still need almond paste and maybe a few egg whites. When I get the recipe down, I will post, but in the meantime please please please let me know if you have a tried and true recipe!
I should mention that we finished Easter with fresh whipped cream, berries, crepes and a load of Economy Candy from our friend's new hood.
Holidays are delicious :-)  Happy Tuesday! xN

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