Friday, June 4, 2010

Radish and Sugar snap pea slaw

Recently Nick and I took the car out for a drive to see more of Brooklyn and hit up the Greenmarket and the BKLYN Flea. I've been to both and enjoyed myself before but there is something really glorious about seeing that big empty space in the back of the car, knowing we can fill it to the gills with goodies without having to fight weekend subway lags not to mention the crowds.

We picked up some beautiful treats including delicious cheese from a Hudson Valley monger. Regretfully it was our first stop so we had to pass on the Stoneyfield Farms booth including the glass-jug containers the locals were clanking patiently in line while waiting for a refill. I'm loyal to soy-milk but if anything could persuade me it would be those weekly refills!

Other awesome sights were mounds of carrots and radishes, raw crates of asparagus, hand milled bread:
Love this crate, and one of the many flower details of the day,
Yellow oyster mushrooms, folksy hipster bands and the babies who love them, and a cute unnamed bar with Etsy banners abounding mid-way. I picked up my b-day gift from Nick after this stop...
A new bike! I can't believe we did not get a pic of the big event because my smile was as big as the moon that day and I've been enjoying it ever since.

We capped the night off with sauteed oyster, baby bella, and shiitake mushroom, lemon thyme and fresh cheese on baked-that-day bread with a radish and snap pea slaw:
I don't know if it tasted better because we had hand-picked the ingredients from local farms, but this was one of the best takes on pizzas we've had in ages. And the freshness of the slaw...
Oh boy it was good. It even looks radiant, doesn't it? The recipe follows at the end, you'rewelcomeverymuch. Hope you've been enjoying the early summer days as well! xN

Thinly slice 1 red onion and 1 bunch radishes. Soak in ice water, 5 minutes; drain and pat dry. Whisk 4 teaspoons rice vinegar and 1/2 teaspoon each dijon mustard and sugar in a bowl. Whisk in 2 tablespoons vegetable oil and 1/2 teaspoon sesame oil. Add 8 ounces thinly sliced snow peas, the onion and radishes. Season with salt

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