Thursday, July 8, 2010

Explore America

Ooh... A few friends have entered such an amazing contest!

What are your travel plans this summer? Nick and I are headed to Europe in a few weeks and I can't wait! Hard to believe we've never made it there in our 2.75 years ;-) but we're so excited that we've saved enough to go! Grace at Design Sponge has really incredible guides to many international cities that we'll be working from and we of course have ideas... mostly food related (shocking right?) but please send me an email if you have any food, lodging or underrated wonders of the world recommendations for London, Zurich and notable CH day drips, Paris and Amsterdam. Best recommendation wins a postcard! xN

P.s. Check out Adele discussing the wonders of her world in "Hometown Glory". I have a major music crush on her lately!

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  1. thanks for the re-post!

    got offered the trip! buuuut - not the one we wanted :( the wanted us to drive from myrtle beach to the florida keys ... over 3,000 miles round trip. we sadly had to say we couldn't do it. bummer!