Monday, July 12, 2010

Sweet Memory

Maine at dusk, waiting for Nick to scoop up some things from the general store and in front of me...

I imagined the family inside this SUV, their sand toys and bug spray all piled in the camper, headed north for the SUMMER of our childhood. When worries evaporated and we could just live for the moment. I could see this sweet memory of someone's childhood, which will surely catch up to them years later. The monumental trees reminding me what small little creatures we really are and how grateful we should be to have every moment on this earth.

Have you heard Melody Gardot? A great recommendation from my mom who saw her recently in Philadelphia follows. Happy Monday xN

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  1. Hi Nicole, Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. A good place to start freelancing is with an agency, that way they are responsible for finding you. In the meantime I try and build up contacts through word-of-mouth. I'm lucky as my husband works in a cafe and is always meeting people, so he's happy to try and get me work!

    Best of luck :) Anna