Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good morning darling!

Does anyone else remember that Lichtenstein? It is a good morning indeed as I finally work up feeling relatively normal. The cold still makes every breath hurt, but I guess that is to be expected this time of year!

I headed off to the store this morning for some much-needed supplies. Have any of you ever been to the store at 7am? Let me tell you: it is the hands down best time to do your grocery shopping. Stumped in front of the margarine as to why the butter didn't follow closely thereafter, I was able to gaze FEET down the row to see butter's pesky whereabouts. ACTUAL FEET, people. As in, there were not a hundred steamy little bodies in my way.

Anyway as I was saying, I managed to score this ridiculously delicious cranberry walnut granola, topped with yogurt, strawberries, and honey. As Ina Garten says: What could be better than that? I love to use my Fish's Eddy Paris bowls as much as possible too as a petite reminder of my time spent in France.

Nick wants to plan a trip there this summer which makes me ecstatic!! Here's hoping! And here's hoping all of you have found a sunny reason to get out of bed this Thursday morning. xN

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